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Workshops & Services

DEI 101→ 201 (DEI Strength Training Course)

Your organization is interested in taking the next step in building a more equitable and inclusive organization. Now what? How can you take the next steps while acknowledging work done? SFEL can help establish the foundational structures that promote a holistic environment where people can show up as their whole selves, do their best work, and thrive.

Equity Audit

How well does your organization’s actions align with its values? Are your current efforts well known and supported? Through surveys, interviews, and listening sessions, SFEL can assess your organization’s core strengths and growth opportunities, affirm steps taken, and create a concrete action plan to continue moving forward.

Microaggressions are small, daily insults and indignities aimed at members of marginalized groups. People using microaggressions may be aware or unaware of their actions, yet the impact is real, cumulative, harms relationships, and decreases joy and productivity. SFEL will provide tools and skills to identify and interrupt microaggressions, repair relationships, and cultivate an environment of healing.

Microaggressions and Implicit Bias

Exploring Identity and Affinity Spaces

Who we are and our lived experiences influence the ways in which we see and move through the world. By reflecting on vaious parts of our identities and their intersection, we can better understand the impact on others. Through a series of sessions with SFEL, we can help your organization construct a foundation for affinity spaces to thrive.

As science shows, teams comprised of people with diverse experiences and identities produce stronger work. Through the SFEL team lens, we can help guide your organization review and revise hiring practices to attract and retain top talent with diverse backgrounds to join your team.

Retention and Hiring Principals and Practices

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